Wednesday, 20 February 2008


Exactly one week to go, so spent long time reading the One Bag website, which is one of my favourites when travelling.
I realize I am without some essentials to pack particularly special clothes line, and ear plugs. Trip to buy same tomorrow.
Waiting delivery of sleep masks from Magellan.

Our itinerary is roughly:
First night at Colombo, in hotel north of that city, near Negombo.
Next morning early flight to airport for Goa.

Two nights in Panjim to see the old city and hopefully visit the cathedral on Sunday.
Move on CANDOLIM for about 10 days, then further south, probably by a hot and uncomfortable taxi!
Rest of time our base will be room in villa near Palolem, then move for last four days nearer airport.
We will have these last days to book on spec, and hopefully find somewhere good at the last minute.