Friday, 17 December 2010


They said they would be at the hotel by about 12 midday - they finally turned up at gone 2.30 and with a little boy in the car, which caused consternation here - an adults only complex. The security guard came running into the lobby, saying "They have arrived, and there is a child in the car."

This was because we promised to bring some gifts for the granddaughter of a friend in England, who lives a couple of hours drive from Dunn's River. Sunday was the day we arranged, on the phone. I bought a sim card in Jamaica and so could contact the granddaughter. We knew she would come in her boyfriend's car but did not realize she would bring her small son also.

Lots of people in the hotel seemed to know we were having a long wait, and made the joke that they were operating on 'Jamaica Time'.

Finally we all set off in the car, so as not to interrupt the tranquility of The Jewell complex with the presence of a small eight-year old boy.

We went to Scotchies for jerk chicken, which was sadly a big disappointment. It is rated in the guide books but really not worth the effort going there. Food not particularly good, dry and overcooked. Rice and peas nothing special. Chicken 'sausage' truly dreadful. Still, the Red Stripe was good, as usual.

Then went to a small beach some way away, where people were playing football, in the light of the setting sun. The sea there was full of dark brown seaweed, though, not good for paddling.

A sound system was belting out reggae and the whole beach seemed to vibrate in time to the beat.

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